The Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management - General Version


The HARM-GV is designed for use in the management of adult inpatients in acute and chronic psychiatric settings











Stage 1: PAST

History of Aggression or Violence

In the HARM-GV, the focus of the historical assessment is previous involvement in the criminal justice and mental health systems as well as aggression or violence

Historical Risk Factors 













Stage 2: CURRENT

Aggression Tracking

We encourage the use of the AIS or a similar instrument for recording and tracking of aggressive incidents

Protective Factors

Current Risk Factors 










Stage 3: FUTURE

Potential Behaviours

Duty to Protect

Violence Risk Assessment

Because many people do very well with structure and supervision but may be at higher risk without these, risk is also assessed with professional (or mental health support), and without

Risk Management Plan

Stressors or Destabilizers




General Team Comments

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