The Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management


The HARM is a structured clinical judgment tool that guides the assessor(s) to formulate opinions regarding risk of violence. It combines both historical/static and dynamic factors to assess risk as reflected in the literature.


The HARM was created to:


  • Predict imminent and short-term risk

  • Bring all information to bear in assessing risk

  • Foster and document discussion of risk among clinical team members

  • Provide a guided, continuous risk assessment and management process


The HARM captures three stages of the assessment: Past, Current, and Future. Each stage flows into the next, so that, in moving through the past and current stages to the future stage, the assessor can arrive at a prediction of a patient’s or service user’s risk of aggression and formulate risk management strategies.


Introducing the

Electronic Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management (eHARM)
An Excel-based tool that has revolutionized the way HARM reports are completed.

Patient-Level Analytics
Patient-level analytics allow users to view individual trends in risk factors, aggressive incidents, clinical likelihood of violence, and escape risk at the click of a button.