This page is intended to provide ongoing support for users of the AIS and HARM




Frequently Asked Questions


How often should a HARM report be completed?

  • The HARM can be completed as frequently as clinically indicated. Those identified as high risk would warrant more frequent reviews while those identified as low risk should be reviewed less frequently (recommended minimum: once per month).


Where should HARM reports be stored?

  • Given that the HARM documents include personal patient information, it is important to take into consideration the provincial and federal legislative requirements to safeguard patient records (eg. PHIPA), when making decisions about storage. The HARM documents SHOULD NOT be stored on a public computer and authorization to change or access the documents should be restricted to specific staff members.


Can I save an incomplete eHARM report and come back to it later?

  • No, once you have opened a HARM file and have started to enter information, you must complete the form and SUBMIT it. You should never use the start button to ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’.


Is it possible to move a patient’s eHARM file from one folder to another?

  • Yes, it is possible to save a file or folder on a USB. You can also drag a patient’s file to a corresponding folder.


Am I able to delete one specific report within a Patient’s eHARM file if I’ve made a mistake?

  • No, you are not able to delete one report without deleting the entire file. If an error is noted, you can overwrite the incorrect report by submitting a new HARM report with the same date. For example, if the incorrect report was entered on 10/May/2016, select ‘Enter New HARM Report’, change the Date of Report to 10/May/2016, and enter the correct information. Once you submit this report, the previous one submitted on this date will be overwritten.


eHARM Troubleshooting


Pop-up: “This file is locked for editing by another user.

  • Select “Notify”. A second pop-up will appear that states “File is now available”. Select “Read-Write”.


My eHARM reports do not appear to be saving properly and are no longer there when I return to a patient’s file.

  • Ensure that you have selected the Submit button at the top of the New HARM Report page upon completing a report. If you are prompted to complete any incomplete sections, you will have to select “Submit” again once you have done so.

  • Enable Macros immediately upon opening the eHARM

  • Make sure that you are selecting “Notify” and “Read-write” in response to the pop-up noted above, rather than “Read only.”

  • Never save using the File > Save or Save As function in the drop-down menu

  • Upon exiting the eHARM, you may be prompted by Excel to save. Select Don’t Save.